Steve Strohl

Stephen Strohl is the Associate Director, Member Services for the MOBIUS Consortium. Steve worked in a variety of special and and academic libraries before spending over a decade with Innovative Interfaces where he worked with libraries of all sizes, types, and many of the largest consortia and multi-type consortia across North America. With MOBIUS Steve is the primary contact with Innovative regarding all functional Integrated Library System (ILS) related matters; he manages MOBIUS’ ever-expanding courier system network and he takes a leadership role in the implementation and training of new and existing members. Steve is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Masters of Arts in Library & Information Science.

MOBIUS, founded in 1998, is a Missouri not-for-profit corporation with 501 (C)(3) tax-exempt status that has grown from 50 founding charter members to 72 members which include 62 academic libraries, 5 public libraries, 4 special libraries, and the Missouri State Library, serving a total of 179 physical branches. MOBIUS manages INN-Reach, a union catalog and resource sharing tool from Innovative Interfaces as well as their Sierra platform, a local integrated library system for 65 of our member libraries.