Tom Delaney

Tom has been an Interlibrary Loan for practitioner since 1985. He started his ILL career as the department head for Colorado State University. In 2003, he became the department head for ILL/DD at Columbia University in New York City. In 2006, he returned to RapidILL as a director for project outreach and support; currently Rapid is utilizing him as a statistical and process analyst.  Tom has given numerous presentations and appearances. He co-presented (with Mary Jackson) a series of Interlibrary Loan workshops for The Association of Research Libraries, in addition to numerous ILL presentations on automation and process streamlining in places as far flung as Helsinki, Finland to Singapore, in addition to many presentations in the US. Throughout his career, his work focus has been to introduce automation to reduce the high-pressure and staff-intensive workload demands on Interlibrary loan staff.