2023 Conference Program Descriptions

2023 Conference Program Descriptions

Keynote: Preethi Fernando

Re-Building Trust-within the library, community, and colleagues

Preethi will share on how to effectively build trust through communication, different ways to build trust at work, rebuild damaged trust, and more. Preethi’s latest book is titled
Emotional Intelligence and will be available to all registrant’s compliments of Preethi! View Preethi’s welcome message.

Using Google for Assistance with Homework or Academic Research, Chris Brown

Most of us use Google for everyday life searching. Librarians sometimes tell users to stay away from search engines and rely solely on subscription databases. This presentation will show how Google can help students of all ages with homework or academic research. We will show how Google Web can be leveraged to discover primary sources for materials in many disciplines, how Google Scholar can be integrated with library database holdings to provide depth of searching unparalleled in library databases, and how Google Books can do what library catalogs are unable to do: search the full text of books with a high degree of relevancy.

Inspiration from the Field: Institutional Libraries PanelRenee Barnes, Molly Bass, Katy Schorling, Kristy Scott, & Victoria Parnell

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in a prison or institutional library, thought about the challenges and rewards, or how you might be able to collaborate with colleagues in institutional libraries to extend and enhance services provided to the individuals that reside in state institutions? Join us for a panel discussion with library staff from institutions around the state to learn more about this unique area of librarianship.