2021 Presenters

2021 Presenters

Peter Collins

OCLC Update

Peter Collins is the Director of Resource Sharing at OCLC. Peter is the current Chair of the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Standing Committee. Peter has spent the majority of his career working in academic libraries and in resource sharing software development and support for academic library consortia.

Project ReShare

Deb Schaubman, MCLS
Debbi Schaubman, Manager of Shared Library Systems at the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS), oversees the team that provides implementation, training, and support for several statewide projects including MeLCat, Michigan’s statewide resource sharing system. She previously served as the MeLCat System Administrator and as the Coordinator of InMICH, one of the pilot projects that led to the creation of MeLCat.

Kristen Wilson, Index Data
Kristen Wilson is a project manager and business analyst at Index Data. She currently serves as the project coordinator and product owner for ReShare, an open source, community-owned resource sharing platform. Kristen also helps Index Data’s customers with requirements gathering, workflow analysis, implementation planning related to a variety of projects. Kristen has a background in serials and e-resources librarianship and has published widely in journals such as Serials Review, The Serials Librarian, and Library Resources and Technical Services.

Jean Marie Heilig,
Colorado State Library

When You are Engulfed in Flames:
Recognizing and Overcoming Job Burnout

Jean Heilig has been with the Colorado State Library since 2005 and is currently the Fiscal Officer and LSTA Grant Coordinator.  She holds both her MBA and MLIS.  She enjoys researching new topics of interest and sharing what she has learned with the library community.