Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

Library Advocacy

Community based advocacy and community engagement are key components in driving a successful future for your library. Join Jennifer Pearson, Senior Manager of Advocacy Programs for OCLC, as she discusses why every public library should have a strategy for both and shares lessons learned from the Geek the Library community advocacy program. She will discuss ideas that work and how you can apply them to public library community advocacy and engagement in your local community.  Interlibrary Loan: The Future is Now! — Presentation

Interlibrary Loan: The Future is Now!

Times are tough for libraries. That doesn’t change the fact that our users still want it… and they want it now – not in the future! In spite of these tough times, and sometimes because of them, new and exciting ILL initiatives and innovations are succeeding. Innovation and change in ILL, first and foremost, require collaboration. This session will begin with a collaborative discussion of the most difficult challenges the ILL community will face, and will continue with an overview of how collaboration, new technology, and hard work will lead to useful solutions.  Interlibrary Loan: The Future is Now!

Out of the Cube Ideas for Extensive ILL Requests

A brief presentation regarding ILL extensive searching techniques. Topics include every day extensive searching and out of the box techniques such a search engines, contacting authors, and contacting institutions.

The presentation also explores Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in regards to attaining articles. I will also discuss language barriers and tips on how to translate e-mails and requests into different languages.

Chris Steele – Out of the Cube Ideas for Extensive ILL Requests

Orbis Cascade-Patron Driven Ebook intiative

The Orbis Cascade consortium in Oregon began a patron driven demand project in July 2011 to purchase ebooks through the union catalog. They worked with their vendors, EBL and YBP to determine costs associated with ebook purchases once a patron requested an item. Greg Doyle from Orbis Cascade will provide an update on the project and future plans for ebook purchasing.  Orbis Cascade-Patron Driven Ebook Initiative — Presentation

eBook Travels: Who has the map for this trip?

Every month libraries find new roads to walk down in our quest for eContent that our patrons and students want. Much of this new ecosystem is confusing. Which way should we turn? Douglas County Libraries decided to take a different route and acquired its own Adobe Content Server and assign Digital Rights Management to each title. We purchase eBook files directly from publishers. Come hear about the successes and snags we’ve experienced along the way. And let’s discuss how owning eBooks might change the resource sharing landscape.   eBook Travels: Who has the map for this trip — Presentation


Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes will provide some comedic relief with their stories about libraries and the amusing characters we often discover there be it the staff or patrons.